Destinations / Musandam


Oman is advancing and occupying a prominent position on the global tourist map year after year. It has proved its strength as a prominent tourism destination by competing with other major countries in the travel industry.

Oman has a list of historical stories to describe to the world that provides a solid tourism potential. The diverse geological regions, including deep valleys, vast deserts, towering mountains, flat plains, beaches, and stretching coasts boost its tourism. The customs and traditions of the people and their castles and towers in various governorates represent unique nature and geological make-up.


When you start exploring the coastline, there’s something about the dusty frontier of Oman called the Musandam peninsula. It is disconnected from the rest of Oman and the glossy shopping malls of the country’s capital, Muskat. Hence, the travelers can enjoy soaking up in the traditional atmosphere and biblical landscapes of the region during their Musandam tourism bordering Gulf.

Islands and Forts of Musandam

The tourists will have a great time exploring the islands during the Musandam tourism. Each island has its unique features. The Umm A’Tair island is a natural reserve for Sterna birds and is called the ‘Island of Eggs’ for a large number of migratory birds. The island is included in nature reserves under the report of the International Union for Conservation of Nature in 1986.

Muqlab island, known as ‘Al Telegraph Island’ located in Khour Sham in the Wilayat of Khasab is the most famous in the valley. People who want to tour the creek don’t like to miss this important station.

Your Musandam tourism isn’t done without visiting the historical and archaeological monuments.

  1. Wilayat of Khasab have the Khasab Fort, Al Kamzarah Fort, A’Siba Fort and the Kabs Al Qasr Fort.
  2. Wilayat of Bukha has Al Bilad Fort, the Bukha Fort, the Al Qal’aah Fort, the Al Jam’ea Archaeological Mosque, the Al Muraba’a Fort, Burj Al Qasha, and Al Jadah Ruins in Ghumdha Village.
  3. Wilayat of Diba have the Diba Fort and the Al Ghazayer Fort

There are about 4,000 different antiquities collections at Al Ghazayer Fort, a historical cemetery called the Amir Al Jaish Cemetery, and are on display at the National Museum in Muscat.


Drawings and writings


The Wilayat of Madha is popular for its rock inscriptions at several locations. They are in the form of drawings and writings dating back to the pre-Islamic period, archaeological sites go to the Iron Age named Makhazin Al Jahl. Also, the historical towers contain many ancient antiques and collectibles in the form of coins, books, etc.


The Governorate of Musandam and Oman is setting its priorities in the development of sustainable Musandam tourism with the help of private-sector partners. Coming out from the hundred years of isolation, Musandam is calling tourists stunning mountainous landscapes.