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Located 192 km away from Dubai, Musandam, a Governorate of Oman, is a must-visit haven if you want to ignite the adventurer in you. Take a dhow cruise from Dibba or drive down to Musandam on your own and what you’ll witness is unlike anything in the world. The peninsular beauty with all its coastal activities is divided into four Wilayats: Khasab, Bhuka, Dibba and Mudha. Dibba is a Wilayat in the Muhafazah of Musandam, surrounded by beautiful mountains that make the locale attractive.


Musandam’s jagged coastline features fjords called Khors, and its waters are home to dolphins and other marine life. The sheer beauty of this place makes it a great tourist destination. Dhow cruises are a popular activity, and hence the grandeur of Musandam is best explored by the Sea. Since we find the fjords in abundance in the Musandam Peninsula, touring the location provides a magnificent and mesmerizing view. Furthermore, you can also discover marine life in this part of the world with an underwater adventure. Musandam has become one of the most sought-after tourist destinations near Dubai. The place is filled with boundless archaeological and natural wonders. This place is a world of contrasts. On the one hand, it offers tranquility and peace. On the other hand, it provides a vast range of activities like snorkeling, canoeing and swimming for the adventure-loving folks!