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If you are passionate about exploring the rare beauties of nature then, you cannot miss Musandam – a natural paradise of United Arab Emirates. Musandam is popularly called as “Norway of Arabia” because of its rocky inlets with mountain-hugging roads, and small villages across the region. It is a peninsula belongs to Oman has a combination of coastal and mountainous sights. With an excursion to Musandam from Dubai, the tourists will have best time of their life enjoying the scenic beauty of the majestic fjords lining the Musandam coastline. Due to Musandam’s close proximity to Dubai, it has become the most popular sightseeing destination for tourists and experience the dolphin Khasab tours and traditional Omani hospitality while cruising on the wooden dhow.

Why go on a Musandam tour?

The Sultanate of Oman is undoubtedly a one of the most beautiful countries in Arabia. If you are a tourist or a UAE resident visa holder, there are loads of activities that you’ll get to enjoy during the Musandam dolphin Khasab tours. Let’s explore one-by-one:

  1. Enjoy the traditional Omani dhow cruise

All the Musandam tour packages includes a traditional Omani dhow. It is a vessel shaped cruise used by the Omani sea farers for centuries to travel and trade and therefore it gives an authentic feel of stunning landscape and Omani culture. Enjoy your time loafing and tanning in a double-decker dhow and it’ll be a perfect relaxing trip cruising by the native carved caves through the desolated Hafa village and Ziggy beaches.

  1. Sightseeing – relish the natural beauty

While traveling to Musandam from Dubai, the rugged Hajar mountains will invite you to cherish the exquisite natural beauty of Oman. The mind-boggling limestone Musandam coastline is surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Indian ocean. You will also get to see the bays and craggy cliffs of the peninsula and majestic fjords creating an exotic scenery.

  1. Snorkelling, swimming, and diving

During the cruise at Musandam, you can witness a diverse marine ecosystem with plenty of aquatic creatures. If you are interested to watch the sea creatures, get the diving and snorkelling equipment from the cruise staff. If you are lucky, the dolphins can accompany you while taking a relaxing swim.

  1. Water Activities

Appease your boredom and continue the fascinating exploration of water activities at the cruise which includes kayaking, fishing, banana boat ride, and dolphin watching. Take a kayak out to have a closer observation of the hanging cliffs and get some amazing pictures while having a relaxing time at the beach.

  1. Know about the history and heritage of Musandam

During the dolphin Khasab tours to Musandam, it would be unfair if you don’t learn about their rich heritage and culture. The unique architecture at Khasab dates back to centuries and you can spot the first telegraph cable laid by the British. Unfold the untouched beauty of ancient civilization for an enthralling experience.

Traveling Tips to Musandam tour

It is crucial to know the basic visitor information before booking your tour to Musandam. Here are a few traveling tips which makes your excursion joyful:

  • Carry your original passport for the tour.
  • The guest needs to pay the UAE exit and Oman entry visa charges and it is not included in the tour prices.
  • Since the area is hot and sunny, wear light and comfortable clothing for the trip.
  • Apply sunscreen or moisturizer, if required to take care of your skin.
  • Carry swimwear for swimming, diving, and snorkelling.
  • Carry a waterproof bag for your electronics items like phones and cameras as it might get damaged.


A Musandam tour is a perfect way to experience the Arabic lifestyle in a unique style. You can book the dolphin Khasab tours for an amazing trip to explore the sights of Musandam and enjoy an unforgettable day cruising in the fjords.

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