Travel Tips You Should Know for Your Musandam Trip

Musandam is internationally known for being the “Norway of the Middle East.” With impressive Arab fjords and a variety of wildlife, one cannot believe that such natural beauty is so close to Dubai mainland. The gorgeous landscape with striking viewpoints invites visitors for an unforgettable tour of their life.

Why visit Musandam?

Musandam is a peninsula belonging to Oman within the United Arab Emirates. The capital city, Khasab along with some Iranian islands are having great strategic importance. They shape the Strait of Hormuz, the narrow gate to the Persian Gulf, and the path that most of the world’s gas goes through.

The Musandam Dibba is barely populated and is home to traditional villages. They are accessible by boat only, and you can experience how the tribes have preserved their traditional Persian Gulf culture over the years.

The main attraction of Musandam tourism is its greatest landscapes and fascinating marine wildlife in the Arab Gulf Peninsula. From watching dolphins and manta rays to epic cliffs with striking views of the ocean, the trip to Musandam is an ultimate weekend getaway from Dubai.

Accommodation facilities

You should experience camping when you visit Musandam. It’ll take you to a different world altogether. There are multiple accommodation facilities available all over the Peninsula.

For budget travelers who want to explore the area, a 3-star hotel is a perfect choice. One can get to experience the awesome views of the sea and Musandam mountains from the hotel room.

Those looking for a good place to chill can opt 4-star hotel resort. They can witness the traditional architecture of the region in a not-so-expensive resort.

Alternatively, travelers can rent a traditional house in Khasab if you are a group looking for some privacy with a lot of space. The entire villa is available for rent in the Peninsula.

Arrangements for the Musandam tour

Many companies offer Musandam tourism and pick you up from your location for very little money. However, if you are self-driving, you can book a dhow cruise and reach the harbor yourself.

Here is a small guide that might help you on your Musandam Dibba trip:

1. Visa requirements

Musandam has the same visa rules as the rest of Oman. As a traveler, you need to bring your passport and ID card and get them stamped at the checkpoint. Many nationalities would get a visa on arrival.

2. Prefer light clothing

Remember, you are traveling to a coastline with mountains around it. So, avoid wearing heavy clothes and enjoy the Musandam Dibba trip with some light clothes.

3. Children’s safety

Children below three years are not allowed on the banana boat ride. So, avoid taking them because they can roll over also. Life jackets will be provided by the tour operating companies for your safety.

4. Sun rays protection

Bring sunglasses and a hat with you to avoid the bright sun rays. Also, carry sunscreen lotions if you have plans for camping on the beach side.

5. Don’t forget the camera

How can you miss capturing your unforgettable moments all through the tour? So, don’t forget to bring a camera for taking the stunning views of the mountains, beaches, and a few selfies for a memory of a lifetime.

Musandam Dibba is one of the must-see tourist itineraries hosted on the Oman coastline. Soak in the gifts of nature and enjoy the steep Hajar mountains range, lovely coastline, and a blue sea with great marine life.

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